The Situation

A leading eye care facility with multiple locations across Dallas-Fort Worth approached Systeem for help on an upcoming site move. With the amount of details and planning that go into an office move, they needed a partner they could trust to handle the IT needs so they could focus on the continuity of patient care and revenue.

The Challenge

  1. The new location was in a new construction area with very little infrastructure making internet access a challenge.
  2. The company was also deploying a new centralized call center that did not integrate with the current site’s phone system.

The Solution

The client was able to get internet service thanks to Systeem’s existing contacts with circuit providers to build out the infrastructure needed at the new location. Working directly with the providers ensured they stayed on schedule and addressed issues quickly to avoid delays. As a result, internet was operational before the move to the new office started.

The new centralized call center which did not integrate with the site’s existing phone system presented a possible source of confusion as patients would have to call a separate number to reach the site rather than dialing a centralized number for all locations. Systeem worked directly with the vendor to set up the new phone system and ensured the successful integration with the call center location. Confusion is already a factor when moving locations so the client was able to focus on what they were communicating to their patients, not how they would be communicating.

Prior to the move, the client was able to focus on providing care while Systeem recommended appropriate equipment for the new office and coordinated with vendors for cabling, internet connections, and hardware. During the week of the move, the client did not need to stress about anything IT related. Systeem was on-site working with the movers and the phone vendor on networking needs, installing all the workstations, servers, wifi and verifying the clinic was operational before patients started to be seen at the new location.

The Results

  • The clinic was set-up and ready to see patients with no IT related delays
  • The client experienced no loss of access to their scheduling software, imaging system and phones.
  • The client was able to save money by using a centralized phone system which reduced costs for phone lines
  • Patients were not given excuses for lack of service caused by IT issues
  • Points of confusion due to multiple phone lines were eliminated